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Writing a Book?
That Wasn’t the Plan

What if one day, you are told that you will be an author when you have no plans to enter such a career? You would be surprised, right? This is what reality looked like for Annie. She had no idea she would write a detective fiction series that would change everything forever.

The intriguing characters, chilling moments, and murder scenes soon became part of Annie’s vivid imagination. It was a new journey that took Annie through a rollercoaster of emotions, making her create stories that resonate with people worldwide.

Crime Fiction Books By Annie Wall

Annie Wall is one of the people who got more than they wished for. And now, with her imagination, she’s on a path to offer unmatchable entertainment to her readers.

There’s suspense, drama, emotion, and everything one can ask for from a crime fiction books. So, are you ready to experience a sense of unpredictability? A thrill of the unknown? Join her today.

The Beginning of a New Journey

Despite being an animated personality, Annie had never imagined that one day, she would be known as the author of a popular detective fiction series. But destiny is what drives us. Fourteen years ago, it all changed when she and her husband met with a psychic, Bill, in Nashville, TN.

During the reading, Annie was told that she would write two books, which was a complete surprise. She was also told that she would move to New Mexico or Arizona. And guess what?

Today, here she is, living in Arizona, and she has just completed her first crime fiction books.

Annie Wall hails from Oregon and has been spending her post-retirement years in Arizona with her husband, Dale.